Jawi Watch Blue

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) watch refers to a watch that is produced by a manufacturer and sold under the brand name of another company. In the context of watches, OEM watches are typically manufactured by specialized watchmakers and then branded and sold by a different company.

Main Features & Benefits
- Japan movement
- Water resistant
- All stainless steel
- Diameter 40mm
- 1 year warranty to shop

Expertise and Quality
OEM watchmakers often have years of experience and expertise in crafting high-quality timepieces. Companies can benefit from this expertise to offer well-crafted watches to their customers.

While OEM watches are typically based on existing designs or templates, companies can often customize certain aspects of the watch, such as the color scheme, branding, or minor design elements, to make it align with their brand identity.

Brand Focus
Some companies may choose to focus on their core business, such as fashion or retail, and partner with OEM watch manufacturers to expand their product offerings without diverting their attention from their primary focus.

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