Bergeon Spring Bar Tool

Spring Bar Tool with reversible point and spatula-shaped fork.

Spring bar tools are essential tools used in watchmaking, watch repair, and watch customization. These tools are designed to manipulate the spring bars that hold a watch's strap or bracelet in place.

Changing Watch Straps or Bracelets
Spring bars are small, spring-loaded pins that secure a watch strap or bracelet to the watch case. When you want to change the strap or bracelet on a watch, you need to compress these spring bars to release them from the lugs (the protruding parts of the watch case). Spring bar tools make it easy to compress the spring bars, allowing you to remove and replace watch bands quickly and without damaging the watch.

Watch Repair
Watchmakers and watch enthusiasts often use spring bar tools when performing watch repairs or maintenance. Whether it's replacing a damaged strap, fixing a broken spring bar, or accessing the watch's movement, spring bar tools help open the case and remove the strap or bracelet, providing access to the inner components.

If you want to customize your watch by swapping out the strap or bracelet for a different style or material, spring bar tools are essential. They enable you to change the look and feel of your watch to match your outfit or personal preferences.

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