Bergeon Watchmaker's Hammer

Watchmakers Hammer with wooden handle and polished steel head.

A watchmaker's hammer is a specialized tool used in watchmaking and watch repair. This tool serves several important purposes in the world of horology (the study and measurement of time).

Head Diameter: 50mm

Assembly and Disassembly
Watchmakers use hammers to carefully assemble and disassemble watch movements. These movements consist of intricate, tiny parts that must be handled with precision. Hammers with small, soft heads are used to tap parts into place or remove them without causing damage.

Adjusting Components
In watchmaking, minute adjustments are often needed to ensure the proper functioning of the watch. A watchmaker's hammer can be used to delicately adjust certain components, such as balance wheel weights or hairspring regulators, to achieve accurate timekeeping.

Closing Watch Cases
When assembling a watch, watchmakers use hammers to close the watch case. This is especially crucial for ensuring the watch is sealed properly and remains water-resistant.

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