Bergeon Drum Barrel Screwdriver 1.00mm

Bergeon Ergonomic Screwdriver equipped with a drum for extra torque.

A drum barrel screwdriver is a specialized tool used in watchmaking and watch repair. It is designed to serve specific purposes related to the assembly and disassembly of watch movements, particularly in relation to the barrel of a watch.

Blade size = 1.00mm

Barrel Disassembly
The barrel of a watch contains the mainspring, which stores energy and powers the watch movement. Watchmakers may need to disassemble the barrel to access the mainspring for replacement or repair. The drum barrel screwdriver is used to remove the screws holding the barrel components together.

Screw Size
Drum barrels in watches are typically very small and require precise tools. The drum barrel screwdriver is designed with a thin and narrow blade to fit into the small screws used in the barrel without causing any damage.

Non-Magnetic Properties
Some watch parts, particularly those in the escapement, are sensitive to magnetism. Drum barrel screwdrivers are often made from non-magnetic materials to prevent interference with these components.

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