Bergeon Eye Loupe (2.8x)

High Quality Bergeon Eyeloupe with screw ring.

An eye loupe, also known as a jeweler's loupe or a watchmaker's loupe, is a small, handheld magnification tool used primarily in various fields, including jewelry making, watchmaking, gemology, and other tasks that require close inspection and precise work.

Magnification: 2.8x

The main purpose of an eye loupe is to provide magnification, allowing users to see details that are not visible to the naked eye. This is crucial in tasks that involve tiny components, fine details, or imperfections, such as inspecting gemstones, watch movements, or intricate jewelry settings.

Quality Assessment
Jewelers, gemologists, and watchmakers use loupes to assess the quality and authenticity of gemstones, diamonds, and other precious materials. The loupe helps them detect inclusions, flaws, and evaluate the cut, color, and clarity of stones.

Watch Inspection and Repair
In watchmaking, an eye loupe is indispensable for examining watch components, such as the escapement, balance wheel, and gears. It aids in diagnosing problems, making adjustments, and conducting repairs.

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