Bergeon Hand Levers

Pair of levers with polished work surface, notched tips and anodized aluminum handle.

Hand levers are essential tools in many industries and applications due to their simplicity, effectiveness, and versatility in providing manual control and adjustment for various mechanical systems and devices.

Tip Width: 2.5mm, Length: 105mm

Manual Operation
Hand levers are designed to be operated by hand, providing a straightforward and user-friendly means of controlling a machine or device. This manual operation allows for precise control and adjustments.

Mechanical Advantage
Hand levers often incorporate gears, pulleys, or other mechanical components that provide a mechanical advantage. This means that the force applied by the operator is multiplied to perform tasks that would be difficult or impossible to accomplish by hand alone.

Positioning and Adjustment
Hand levers are commonly used for positioning and adjusting components or settings. For example, in machinery and equipment, hand levers are used to set parameters, adjust cutting tools, or position workpieces with precision.

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