MKS Caseback Opener

This sturdy case opening tool is a staple of every watchmakers bench.
A caseback opener is a specialized tool used in watchmaking and watch repair. Its primary purpose is to safely and effectively open the caseback of a wristwatch or pocket watch.

Made in Japan.
Opens casebacks up to 60mm wide.

Access to the Watch Movement
Wristwatches and pocket watches have a caseback that covers and protects the watch movement. To access and work on the watch movement for repairs, maintenance, or battery replacements, the caseback must be removed.

Battery Replacements
Many modern watches, especially quartz watches, are powered by batteries that need to be replaced periodically. The caseback opener allows watchmakers or technicians to open the watch, replace the battery, and then securely close it again.

Watch Servicing and Repairs
For more complex mechanical watches, regular servicing and repairs are necessary to maintain accuracy and functionality. Opening the caseback is a crucial step in accessing the inner components of the watch for servicing or repair work.

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